All system and application that is developed or changed must eventually return to stable operation. In an application whose lifecycle last for five to ten years, maintenance cost could easily take up 80-90% of the total cost involved. Application maintenance and operation is also an area that integrate directly to business processes, to information access and control, to the scaling out of application use, to the core operation of a business organization – and yet this is an area that is most often neglected by business and management.

Lingo Network understands this importance of application maintenance for an organization and provides IT System Maintenance service through a comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management practice. We understand the need to balance adaptive, perfective, corrective and preventive changes as part of maintenance – to reduce complexity of a system and increase their usefulness to the organization, as they evolve over time.

Our service aims to not only to keep the application alive, but to improve its overall state through proactive efforts – and in that understanding, to also provide sound advice and assistance in maintenance release, future roadmap planning, and business process alignment.


Elements within this service:

  • Initial knowledge transfer effort to transition support effort to our team
  • Establishment of support channel / ticket queues, system and technical documentation, risk areas
  • Documentation of how a system is integrated to business process
  • Keeping track of application portfolio in your organization (if more than 10 application is managed by our team)
  • Establishing Service Level Agreement
  • Providing operational administration, technical troubleshooting, and solution design support.
  • Providing analysis on the use of the system
  • Planning and implementation of future release
  • Source Code versioning and management
  • And everything else in between.


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We put great care in communication and understanding of the circumstance around the system. With our support network, we can respond and meet your support need quickly and efficiently.

Right level of support

We can adjust our operation to take care a portion of the system’s operation, or it’s entire ecosystem. You can also specify non-functional-requirement area that is important for you (example: security) – and we’ll pay more attention to those areas you specify.


We understand that systems need to evolve and scale over time according to it’s lifecycle. We look into the underlying system and will identify areas of risk so they can be addressed over time. Stability and efficiency comes with integrity, consistency and quality implementation.


How it works

Step 1. Discussion

  • You provide information on the system and nature of operation, and part of operation you wish to be maintained by us.
  • We will go through operational readiness checklist, and identify transition activity.

Step 2. Transition & Agreement

  • When transition kicks off, we earmark a date where our operational responsibility will become active.
  • A support agreement will be drafted highlighting the scope of support to mark the start of Lingo Network operation.

Step 3. Control & Monitor

  • We will look a bit deeper in the first few months of support, and will conduct operational assessment.
  • If any risk found, recommendation will be given for your consideration.
  • Following that, a baseline is established on the profile of the system – and we will control & monitor the operational status together with you.