IT System Development: whether it be creating a new system, or re-purposing existing systems – a development project is the primary vehicle of innovation and change. Unfortunately, many IT projects are not done and managed as a project, resulting in failure, budget overrun and schedule slips. If anything, research have shown that more IT projects, especially large ones, go astray easily without proper management.

Study found that 70% of organizations have suffered at least one project failure in the prior 12 months, and the use of project management practice is a key success factor in increasing project delivery success rate. *

Lingo Network provide delivery and development of IT Systems as a managed IT project that follows sound project management practice, backed by very capable engineers. We look not only into the technical requirement of the project, but also pay very close attention to the non-technical aspect.

This service covers following activity:

  • Project concept analysis and solution design
  • Wanted position / operation model design
  • Project planning
  • System build / change
  • System testing
  • Handover to Operation Team


  • KPMG Project management Survey: 2010, 2013


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Project Managed

Work is controlled by capable project manager who will ensure delivery of the work.


We are upfront and forthcoming in our project start analysis: if a project is good to go, we will recommend it to go forth. If a project is not good to go, we will work with you to ensure that gaps are closed.


Our engineers and partners are very experienced in their field, this help to ensure that our execution are tight and close to estimate.

Track Record

We have proven ourselves as a capable team in delivering successful project with exceptional integrity, and where it went astray we have always uphold our end of the agreement. We treat our client fairly and execute project with great care.


How it works

Step 1. Discussion

  • You provide the background case of the IT development project.
  • Upon understanding your requirement and circumstance we will initiate analysis and solution design discussion, and provide rough estimate.
  • We will also adjust our approach, depending on the nature of the project (integration/greenfield, or deployment/rollout)

Step 2. Conception

  • If the project is not yet established, we will work with you to assist in project conception: definition of scope of work, timeline, formation of steering group, identification of sponsor and so on
  • During analysis & design, we tap into our network of engineers who provided their vast expertise and knowledge – we provide a solution that is fit for purpose according to your circumstance.
  • Once the tollgate is reached, the project is lined up for execution and we provide a final quote – where the requirement, scope and execution plan is then set as a baseline.

Step 3. Execution

  • Once project goes into execution, our engineers will come into play.
  • We follow agile methodology – and we progress quickly, in iteration. Feedback are incorporated, and we try to accommodate new changes into the work. However where change is significant, we will track it as a change request – adjusting price & effort baseline.
  • All decision will be done by steering group, facilitated by our project manager.

Step 4. Acceptance

  • Nearing completion, the system will go through a series of tests – to ensure that it performs as originally discussed.
  • We will work with you to conduct acceptance testing – where you will be able to inspect the system fully. We will work with you to address any issue that comes in way to ensure a successful launch.
  • Testing will be done against baselined requirement and agreed scope, to ensure that nothing is missed.

Step 5. Closure

  • After final acceptance, the project will enter closure phase: we complete documentation of the system and initiate handover to the operation team.
  • Note: In case that you do not have a team that can suitably operate the system, we also offer our IT System Operation service, that provides well managed end-to-end system maintenance.