Not all work can be outsourced as an isolated work package – often times delivery of critical initiatives are reliant on specialized competence that are not readily available.

In cases like this, your organization will need resources that can be directly managed following your ways of working, interacting and collaborating closely as part of your team – but without the long term commitment of being hired as a full time employee.

Lingo Network IT Consulting Service aims to provide the right mix of IT competence to fill this particular gap. You can provide us with your resource requirement and time constraint, and we can help you cover your resource gap.


Available Competence

  • Process Improvement Manager
  • ICT Solution Architects
  • ICT Software Engineers / Programmers
  • ICT Database Administrators
  • ICT System Administrators



Note: Don't hesitate to contact us to ask/enquiry - simply fill in all fields below and hit the send button!


Flexible Placement

Consultant can support either full time or part time, and can be placed in-premise or work remotely


We follow all necessary non-disclosure agreement to protect your company’s intellectual property, and will comply to your company’s ways of working as necessary.


All of our consultant are selected through careful recruiting process, ensuring that their skillset and competence are of good quality.

Reasonable Rate

We provide good quality/price ratio with rate options for Hourly, Daily, or monthly arrangement.


How it works

Step 1. Discussion

  • You provide criteria for the resource / consultant requirement, using the form on this page.
  • Upon understanding your requirement we will provide available candidates, and go through candidate evaluation process with your organization.

Step 2. Agreement

  • Upon confirming on the available candidate, we will draft consulting agreement.
  • This is finalized by issuing Purchase Order to Lingo Network for the said service.

Step 3. Placement

  • Our consultant will start work following the agreement [part time vs full time, in-premise or remote]
  • Invoicing will also be done according to the agreement
  • We will ensure that our consultant will comply to your organization’s entry policy.

Step 4. Follow up

  • We conduct regular check to ensure that everything is OK
  • When service from specific consultant is no longer required, termination can be issued according to agreement.
  • We will ensure that our consultant will comply to your organization’s exit policy.